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B Tech Lateral Entry CSE Course, Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration – Guide 2024

B Tech Computer Lateral Entry Engineering (CSE) is a 3-year technical curriculum that merges computer science and computer engineering. The main focus of the curriculum is on the foundations of computer programming and networking and a host of subjects. The areas and topics taught in B. Tech Lateral Entry are all linked to analytics, computing, the program design of programs, computer hardware, computer software, etc. It is a full course on computer applications and systems.

The b tech computer science lateral entry is a three-year program that will allow you to start your BTech Program for the 2nd year immediately. The Lateral Entry B Tech Computer Science Course will only be held once the diploma has been completed.

B.Tech in the field of computer studies and innovative software is key to the online space of today. Graduate students also research, evaluate and develop designs for issue solving, programs, and solutions for companies and organizations.

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Students learn to comprehend, study, and apply several programming languages, networking, digital and analog circuits, and other topics as part of their B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. Because computers have become a necessity in everyday life and their significance is unavoidable, the Computer Science Engineering program continues to be extremely popular among students. Also Read: Everything You Need To Know About B Tech Lateral Entry Course.

As one of Indian business’ major growing industries around IT &  Software, the Computer Science Department at Lingayas Vidyapeeth is devoted to building software engineers with appropriate technical skills. The experienced faculty members make students familiar with a tough and comprehensive curriculum aimed to get the best from them and ensure that they maintain contact with the latest CSE developments.

Highlights of B Tech Computer Science Lateral Entry

  • Computer Science Lateral Entry is the course for the working professional who are unable to pursue regular BTech due to job constraints.
  • The whole BTech CSE program is a three-year program.
  • The curriculum is the same as the regular BTech excluding the first year and has the same pedigree as the regular BTech. 
  • The Lateral Entry course is approved by AICTE, thus you will get a legitimate and valid degree. 
  • The curriculum of BTech Lateral Entry Computer Science Engineering is designed in accordance with the latest market needs and jobs in the IT sectors.

B.Tech Lateral Entry Computer Science Engineering Eligibility Criteria

The following are some of the most prominent positions available to Computer Science Engineers:

  • Computer Science Engineering diploma holders can apply to the Computer Science  Engineering Lateral Entry B. Tech. programme after finishing 10th grade.
  • Computer Science Engineering diploma holders can apply for B. Tech Lateral Entry in Computer Science Engineering after finishing the 12th grade.
  • Working professionals with a diploma who are presently employed may apply for the BTech lateral entry programme.
  • There is no age limit to pursue the BTech Lateral Entry course.

Computer Science Engineering B Tech Lateral Entry Course Duration

B Tech Computer Science Engineering Lateral Entry is a three-year curriculum. The course is divided into six semesters, with each semester including the  Btech Lateral Entry in Computer Science Engineering subject. A semester is a six-month period. The Lateral Entry Computer Science engineering program is both theoretical and practical in nature. Also Read: B Tech Admission for diploma Holders.

The Engineering Diploma’s lateral entry program lasts three years since students are enrolled directly into the second year as he has done the first-year curriculum in his Diploma.

 B Tech Computer Science Engineering Lateral Entry Subject

The Lateral Entry in Computer Science Engineering Program lasts 3 years, as previously mentioned. The first year of engineering is already taught in the Diploma in Computer science engineering. Here is the curriculum and the lateral entrance in the course of three years in Computer Science engineering. 

The programme and lateral entrance courses in Computer Science engineering which a student will study over the course of three years are as follows:

Semester III

S. No. Course Name
1 Data Structures & Algorithms
2 Discrete Mathematical Structures
3 Object-Oriented Programming
4 Digital Electronics
5 Mathematics-III
6 Engineering Economics & Industrial Management
7 Data Structures & Algorithms Lab
8 Object-Oriented Programming Lab
9 Digital Electronics Lab

Semester IV

S. No. Course Name
1 Operating Systems
2 computer Architecture & organization
3 Database Management System
4 Java Programming
5 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
6 Operating Systems Lab
7 Database Management System Lab
8 Java Programming Lab

Semester V

S. No. Course Name
1 Microprocessors & Microcontroller
2 Computer Network
3 Artificial Intelligence
4 Python Programming
5 Software Engineering
6 Formal Language & Automata Theory
7 Microprocessors & Microcontroller Lab
8 Artificial Intelligence Lab
9 Software Engineering Lab
10 Python Programming Lab

Semester VI

S. No. Course Name
1 Soft Computing Techniques
2 Data Mining & Predictive Modeling
3 Elective – I
4 Elective – 2
5 Elective – 3
6 Introduction to Machine Learning
7 Soft Computing Lab
8 Data Mining Lab
9 Machine Learning Lab
10 Minor Project – I

Semester VII

S. No. Course Name
1 Deep Learning
2 Open Elective – I
3 Elective – IV
4 Elective – V
5 Elective – VI
6 Elective – IV Lab
7 Deep Learning Lab
8 Elective – V Lab
9 Major Project

Semester VIII

S. No. Course Name
1 MOOC Course Swayam – I
2 Internship

B.Tech Computer Science Engineering Lateral Entry Career Overview

There is rising demand for competent computer engineers in a huge country like India, where the use of computer technology is rapidly expanding through every part of the country. Students can get jobs in software development, application development, networking, web technology, Data analytics, data science, etc. after completing their B.Tech. 

Outstanding placements of its qualified students at businesses such as Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, Wipro, L&T Infotech, HCL, IBM, Hewitt, & others. With the latest B.Tech (CSE) Curriculum, placement possibilities for students graduating from the specialized programme would be greatly increased. Furthermore, placement chances exist in government companies such as DRDO, ISRO, ONGC, NIC, BSNL, Armed Forces, IES, Civil Services, Banking, Health Sector, and so on. Also Find: M Tech For Working Professionals In Delhi.

Students can go for M.Tech. in computer science following BTech CSE. You can pursue M.Tech. with a specialty of your choosing since otherwise, it is advisable to study further education following this course.

If graduates of BTech CSE desire to alter their area of activity and take on management roles, they might choose to complete an MBA. MBA is a favourite course among graduates of engineering.

Top Job Profiles after B Tech in Computer Science Engineering through Lateral Entry Mode

Engineers in the field of computer science are constantly dealing with software and hardware technologies. Operating systems, computer networks, digital image processing, and management systems are just a few of the topics covered by computer engineers. Developer of software. Graduates should be able to learn quickly, have a basic understanding of current issues, and have strong programming comprehension abilities.

The job profiles available to these students are mostly determined by the specialization they have chosen. Computer Science Engineering is a degree program that prepares students for high-paying careers. There is no employment area in which a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering degree is not necessary. 

The following are some of the most prominent positions available to Computer Science Engineers:

Software Developer:  The duty of a software developer is to do research, create, and build various programmes and applications, as well as to evaluate new programmes, test them, and recommend areas for improvement.

Networking engineer: A Networking engineer’s job is to design and manage computer networks inside a firm, as well as diagnose any problems that may emerge.

Testing engineer: The testing engineer’s duty is to test the product and system to ensure that it works properly. They plan, create, develop, and carry out the cases.

Data Analyst: A Data Analyst’s job is to help with data-related judgments and strategies. They are the data keeper for the company.

App developer: An app developer is someone who plans, researches, designs, implements, and creates apps for computers, smartphones, and other devices. They develop an app’s design and user interface.

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This article goes over many elements of the B Tech lateral entrance. The finest aspect of B.Tech lateral entry is that it allows students to obtain both practical and theoretical knowledge. Those who have earned a B.Tech degree later in life are better equipped to grasp and solve problems. When paired with the right degree, practical knowledge may aid in a person’s advancement through the ranks. Also Find: AICTE Approved B Tech Lateral Entry Course In 2024.


⭐What is computer science lateral entry?

Candidates with a three-year diploma in engineering or an equivalent degree can apply for Lateral Entry and be admitted immediately to the second year (3rd semester) in the BTech program. 

⭐What are the subjects in BTech computer science?

Some of the subjects in BTech Computer Science engineering are  Data Structures & Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, etc. 

⭐Is BTech CS easy?

If you are interested in Computer Science, it is not difficult. It is entirely dependent on your commitment. Continuous practice and a thorough grasp of the subject are required for coding.

⭐I have a diploma in computer science engineering; may I pursue my BTech degree in another state?

Yes, after earning a diploma in computer science engineering, you may enroll in a BTech degree in any of the states. You can enroll in the BTech lateral entry programme, which is only three years long and simply requires a diploma.

Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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