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M.Tech After MCA: Is It Possible? (Whole Guide In 5 Min)

M.Tech After MCA? Is it Possible?

The Master’s of Computer Applications (MCA) is a postgraduate degree that prepares you to work in the field of computer applications and, more broadly, in the technology sector. Although the course is recognised to be incredibly fruitful, students who complete it frequently express a desire in pursuing a master’s degree in order to pursue more intriguing research. Fortunately, MCA graduates are eligible to apply for M.Tech for further advancement in their qualification and career.

MCA graduates who want to advance their careers in technology might enrol in M.Tech courses. To get into M.Tech, students must pass entrance exams like GATE and others. To apply for M.Tech, candidates must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. M.Tech is a good choice for people who wish to get hands-on experience with theoretical understanding. 

Top Specializations of M.Tech Program
M.Tech Civil In Engineering M.Tech Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech Computer Science Engineering M.Tech ECE Engineering

M.Tech after MCA will help you get jobs in top tech organisations and industries such as IT, banking, engineering, government, business, and more. Unlike BCA, this qualification makes you eligible to apply for M.Tech. as it already advances your knowledge in the technological areas. There are various advantages of doing M.Tech after MCA and this article will mostly cover the benefits and possibilities of doing M.Tech after MCA. We hope to be enough help for the students and professionals struggling to find the right way.

What are the Benefits of doing M.Tech after MCA?

There could be many reasons as to why one should pursue M.Tech after MCA, but the right one starts from the fact that it gives your career a better kick. The graduates of MCA can have a diverse area to explore in the field of information and technology while they complete their degree in M.Tech. M.Tech is a professional degree that stresses the application of conceptual knowledge in the field of research and develops research engineers.

When you have acquired a master’s degree in some field, you already stand out in the crowd. MCA graduates have higher chances to crack the entrance exams as they are already exposed to a field which links them much more deeply to the course. This gives them a bigger and higher influence on other students who have just completed their graduation.

The individuals who go for this course will have a lot more career opportunities to explore in various fields such as banking, engineering, public sectors and so on. This degree will open up a diverse section for you to explore and will make sure you achieve heights of success only. Hence, there are numerous benefits so as to why one should go for M.Tech after MCA.

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Admission Process for M.Tech after MCA

The national level of state-level entrance tests are used to determine admission to the M.Tech programme. After passing GATE, candidates can apply for admission to universities such as IITs. Along with the IITs, some other reputable engineering colleges accept GATE scores, while some institutes have their own entrance exams. Some of the entrance exams used to enter into the M.Tech programme are GATE, VITMEE, and TS PGECET.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Tech after MCA

The following are the eligibility criteria that all candidates must meet in order to be eligible for M.Tech after MCA:

  • Candidates applying for an programme must have a 50 percent or above aggregate in MCA and a valid GATE score.
  • The most important factor that aids students in getting admission to M.Tech  programmes is their performance in the entrance test (GATE) or other institution entrance test.

Career Options for M.Tech after MCA

There are numerous career choices that one can pursue after the completion of M.Tech as an MCA graduate. The fields of interest might vary according to the domain you have chosen to go on with. Depending on the M.Tech concentration pursued, students will have little trouble getting a well-paid job after completing M.Tech and MCA. However, we are going to give you the best options that you can go for after completing M.Tech as an MCA graduate. Let’s see some of the best job profiles:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Executive Engineer
  3. Mechanical Engineer
  4. Assistant Engineer
  5. Mining Engineer
  6. Computer Science Engineer
  7. Software Developer

Coming To A Conclusion

Students may be looking for a way to get into the field of M.Tech after completing their MCA degree. We are happy to offer you all the possible ways and details in which it can be possible. However, we believe that this article has provided you with sufficient information to lead you down a route where you may confidently determine what is appropriate for your degree.

It’s sometimes useful to realise that you’ll have to go through a lot more hardships to get into the field you want than you had anticipated. But, in any case, it’s fine to take your time and figure out what’s best for you. We hope that our attempts to offer you with the finest information possible have aided you in finding your way to a successful journey. We are confident that you will choose the greatest option for yourself and devote all of your efforts to it. Best wishes!


⭐ What can I do after my MCA?

After MCA, there are a variety of courses to choose from. You can choose a course based on your future objectives. M.Tech., M.Phil., MBA, and other famous alternatives are only a few examples.

⭐ What is the scope of MCA?

MCA is one of the most popular courses, and it will prepare you for positions such as Web Developer, Web Designer, Network Administrator, System Manager, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Software Tester, and others. The bulk of multinational corporations (MNCs) are looking for employees that are skilled in computer applications. As a result, a MCA degree would be well worth the investment.

⭐ Is it possible to do M.Tech after online MCA degree?

Yes, it is very well possible for online MCA graduates to apply for M.Tech as it requires a much more advanced knowledge in the field of science and technology which MCA graduates are well versed with.

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