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What is M Tech In Civil Engineering Course – Full Guide

What is Civil Engineering in M.Tech?

Civil Engineering is one of the finest specializations in the field of M.Tech. This is professional specialization in the field of engineering deals in the areas of design and construction specifications. The stream revolves around maintaining and enhancing the natural environment and public areas. 

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All the public structures that are made for the usage of every person are meant to be taken care of and that is what civil engineers are for. In this blog, we are going to cover the major points that are important for any individual who wants to pursue Civil Engineering under M.Tech. 

Civil Engineering in M.Tech

One of the very known and in-demand courses when it comes to M.Tech. Any B.Tech graduate who is still confused about what they should pursue in their higher education, that person should once always consider the option of Civil Engineering as their stream. Civil Engineering is one top specialization under M.Tech and offers a lot of excellent opportunities in the future for the students. 

The course dwells into the depths of having actual interest in designing and constructing public places and areas used by each one of us in our daily lives. Civil engineers do make our lives better and easier in a lot of ways. The maintenance and care of all the naturally built places including the public areas such as roads, wells, canals, bridges, dams and so on; this is what comes under the work of civil engineering.

Lingayas Vidyapeeth, a very renowned institution founded in the year 2009. The university is situated in Faridabad, Haryana and is one of the best universities in the whole Delhi NCR. Lingayas Vidyapeeth is approved and accredited by the UGC and NAAC with an A grade. The courses offered by the university are also approved by the AICTE. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria for M.Tech Civil Engineering?

There are certain eligibility requirements that every graduate has to fulfill in order to get admissions in the field of Civil Engineering. The requirements for every individual are pretty basic and can be easily met.

Let us take a look at the eligibility criteria for M.Tech in Civil Engineering:

  • The candidate must be a graduate in B.Tech in any specific domain or equivalent from a recognized and renowned university.
  • The candidate must also have scored at the minimum a percentile of 50% in their bachelor’s to be eligible for the course. 

What is the Fee Structure for M.Tech in Civil Engineering?

M.Tech is a reasonable degree and can be pursued by every individual. The course is not available in the distance learning mode, hence, we are going to provide you with an approximate amount of the fees necessary to be paid if one needs to have a degree in M.Tech Civil Engineering.

The approximate fee structure that follows when an individual wants to complete M.Tech in Civil Engineering, is from INR 50, 000 to INR 4, 50, 000. The fee structure ranges between the mentioned amount, depending upon the university one chooses. 

On the other hand, if we talk about the best university in Delhi NCR, i.e. Lingayas Vidyapeeth; this university also offers Civil Engineering and that too in the most reasonable fee structure. The fee structure per year for Civil Engineering in M.Tech at Lingayas is INR 84, 500.

What is the Syllabus for M.Tech in Civil Engineering?

The syllabus for M.Tech. Civil Engineering goes as follows:

Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced Concrete Technology Contract and Specification in Construction
Building Services Construction Engineering and Management
Application of Computers in Construction Construction Project Management
Construction Economy and Finance Thesis Paper
Building Acoustics and Noise Control Open Elective II
Open Elective I Project
Seminar Seminar
Semester 3 Semester 4
Open Elective III Evaluation Project and Viva
Project  Seminar
Open Elective IV Training and Internship
Evaluation of Project Modern Construction Materials
Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Constructed Facilities Quality and Safety Management

What are Salary Structures after the Completion of M.Tech in Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering, in no doubt, is a very successful course, especially in the master’s degree. Civil Engineers are paid in high amounts and have a bright career ahead. The salary package for freshers at Civil Engineering M.Tech starts from around 3 Lakhs per annum. However, the package keeps on getting higher as one grows in their area. The package has a possibility of getting higher till 6-7 Lakhs per annum easily at a very early stage. Therefore, one can grow higher and higher in a particular field if they have the proper dedication towards it. 

Is the Course Available for the Working Professionals?

 M.Tech is one such course that is not valid in the distance mode of learning and therefore, it does bring up a question for those graduates who wish to work along with studying. However, they need not worry because some of the very reputed universities have designed a course especially for the working professionals known as M.Tech for Working Professionals. Lingayas Vidyapeeth stands out to be one of the best universities in Delhi NCR offering M.Tech for Working Professionals at a very reasonable amount. 

M.Tech for Working Professionals offered by Lingayas Vidyapeeth is noted for its superb faculty and infrastructure. If a student solely wishes to study in Delhi, enrolling in Lingayas appears to be a sensible decision. Aside from that, the university offers a wide range of subjects and fields to choose from. Lingayas offers a wide range of courses and specialties, making the course curriculum quite diversified. As a result, Lingayas is the ideal option for students interested in studying M.Tech in Delhi NCR.

Is the Working Professionals Degree Valid?

Yes. If the degree is from a reputable and well-known university, it has the same worth as any other regular degree. Working professionals can earn a higher degree while juggling their busy schedules. A working professional’s degree is highly valued in the market, especially when earned from a globally recognized university. 

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Coming to a Close

The final piece of advice we’d like to share to anyone still searching for the right stream for them is to focus on a specific path and interest. Jobs following M.Tech are always likely to be successful, and even if they aren’t right away, an individual may expect to advance steadily in the sector. We are here to make your travel a little easier by assisting you in selecting the best and suitable stream.

Make sure you’re comfortable with whichever path you take, and you’ll be well on your way to settling in. No one will be able to stop you once you’ve decided what you want to do with your life. As a result, being certain and well-informed about what one wants to do is critical. Success isn’t a one-time thing; once you’ve set your goals, it’ll keep rising.


Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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