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B Tech Lateral Entry (Electronics and Communication) Course, Admission, Eligibility, Fee – Guide 2024

What Is B Tech ECE through Lateral entry Mode?

B Tech ECE through Lateral Entry Mode is a three-year degree that centralizes technology in essential fields including telecommunications, energy, and electronics, as well as the skills needed to merge hardware and software tools. It is pursued by students who have completed the Diploma in Electronics. It entails the study of electronic and communication, circuit design, analysis, and application of it. Semiconductor and Digital Electronics is handled in Lateral Entry in Engineering for Electronics and Communication.

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The analysis, design, manufacture, research, design, and testing of all semiconductors, such as transistors, sensors, microcontrollers, etc. The analysis of digital and analog devices is the principal focus of the Electronics Engineer.

ECE engineering is the department using applied physics, creates, analyses maintains electronics and communication systems. B Tech Lateral Entry in Electronics and Communication Engineering is a course that requires the completion of a diploma. 

In essence, a B Tech Lateral Entry for Diploma Holders is a three-year program in which you are admitted immediately into the second year of a B Tech degree. As a mandatory core course, the curriculum is meant to provide students with a firm foundation in many elements of ECE.

Students can also pick from a variety of specialized elective courses in fields including communication and signal processing, control and embedded systems, and VLSI technology and design.

Soft skills, industrial training, micro-projects, minor and major projects, and minor and major projects are also part of the B.Tech. study programme. As a core course, the curriculum is meant to provide students with a firm foundation in many elements of ECE.

Students can also pick from a variety of specialized elective courses in fields including communication and signal processing, control and embedded systems, and VLSI technology and design. Soft skills, industrial training, micro-projects, minor and major projects, and minor and major projects are also part of the B.Tech. study programme. 

Highlights of B Tech ECE Lateral Entry Course 2024

  • Working professionals who are unable to study normal B Tech owing to job restrictions can enroll in ECE Lateral Entry.
  • The entire B Tech ECE curriculum lasts three years and is divided into six semesters. 
  • The curriculum is identical to that of a standard B Tech, with the exception of the first year, and it has the same provenance.
  • The AICTE has approved the Lateral Entry course, therefore you will receive a legal and valid BTech Degree.
  • The curriculum for BTech Lateral Entry ECE Engineering is tailored to meet the most current market demands and career opportunities in the IT industry.

B.Tech Lateral Entry ECE Engineering Eligibility Criteria 2024

We are stating the eligibility criteria that is required to take admission in BTech ECE  Lateral Entry : 

  • After 10th grade, ECE Engineering diploma holders can apply to the ECE Lateral Entry B. Tech. programme.
  • After completing the 12th, students with ECE  diploma holders can apply for B. Tech Lateral Entry in ECE Engineering.
  • The BTech lateral entry programme is open to working professionals with a diploma who are currently employed.
  • The BTech Lateral Entry programme has no age restrictions.

Duration of B.Tech Lateral Entry in ECE Engineering

The ECE Engineering Lateral Entry programme lasts three years. The programme is structured into six semesters, with the Btech Lateral Entry in ECE Engineering topic included in each semester.

A semester is a term of six months. The academic and practical aspects of the Lateral Entry ECE Engineering curriculum are both important and covered thoroughly in every semester. 

Because students are enrolled immediately into the second year of the lateral entry programme making it lasts three years. The students are directly entered in the second year because they have completed a Diploma making you ready for the second year.

Lateral Entry Subject for B Tech ECE Engineering 2024

Already being told, the Lateral Entry in ECE Engineering Program lasts three years. The Diploma in ECE Engineering already includes subjects and learning in the first year of engineering. Here is the curriculum and lateral entry for the three-year ECE engineering programme.

The following are the programme and lateral entrance courses in ECE engineering that a student will study over the course of three years:

Semester III

S. No. Course Name
1 Electronics Devices
2 Digital Electronics
3 Data Structure & Algorithms
4 Mathematics – III
5 Engineering Economics & Management
6 Electronic Devices Lab
7 Digital Electronics Lab
Data Structure Algorithms Lab

Semester IV

S. No. Course Name
1 Analog & Digital Communication
2 Analog Electronics Circuits
3 Database Management System
4 Computer Architecture & Organization
5 Signals and Systems
6 digital System Design
7 Analog & digital communication Lab
8 Analog electronics Circuits Lab
9 Digital System Design Lab
10 Database Management System Lab
11 Electronics Workshop – I

Semester V

S. No. Course Name
1 Microprocessors & Controller
2 Network Theory
3 Digital Signal Processing
4 Electromagnetic Waves
5 Antenna & Propagation
6 Computer Network
7 Microprocessors & Computer Lab
8 Network Theory Lab
9 Digital Processing Lab

Semester VI

S. No. Course Name
1 Control System
2 Probability Theory and Stochastic Process
3 Embedded System Design
4 Broad Bank Network
5 Fiber Optical Communication
6 Wireless & Cellular System
7 Control System Lab
8 Electronics Measurement Lab
9 Embedded System Design
10 Minor Project

Semester VII

S. No. Course Name
1 Electronic System Design
2 Cloud Computing
3 Embedded Control System
4 Satellite Communication
5 System Modelling & Design
6 Human Resource Management
7 Major Project

Semester VIII

S. No. Course Name
1 MOOC Course Swayam – I
2 Wireless Sensor Network
3 Internship & Dissertation

B Tech ECE Lateral Entry Career Aspects In 2024

B Tech ECE provides students with the chance to pursue a successful career in the rapidly developing telecom business, where students earn a good starting salary that grows as they obtain experience and skill. In the future, the demand for ECE engineers will skyrocket, particularly in the fields of military, space, and communications. Data rates are increasing to 10-100 Gbps with the introduction of 4G and 5G services. 

Quad Cores and Octa Cores are common in today’s general-purpose microprocessors. Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are relatively new technologies. The internet of things, gesture-controlled home automation, and a slew of other innovations have lately emerged. Our wants and requirements are only going to grow.

The need for quicker processing will drive the development of high-end core CPUs. Virtual reality powered by artificial intelligence will reach unprecedented heights.

Robotics will provide us with new companies that will surge the demand for ECE engineers. CISCO, Oracle, Toshiba, Tata, and Phillips are among the top recruiters in the sector, providing competitive salaries to graduates with a BTech ECE degree. 

ECE undergraduates have a lot of opportunities in the government sector, where organizations like DRDO, BEL, BHEL, BDL, ISRO, Navy, BSNL, Indian railways, and others recruit ECE students.

ECE students are hired by Maharatna and Navratna firms like CIL, NALCO, IOCL, and others. You can also take the Indian Engineering Service test, which includes ECE as one of the five topics available or join the Indian Army’s EME Corps.

After graduating B.Tech. In ECE, students can pursue additional post-graduate degrees such as x MBA, MTech ECE, or MTech Communication Engineering, which will help them boost their compensation package and prospects in the job domain.

Top Job Profiles after BTech ECE Lateral Entry Engineering 2024

Undergraduate Engineering programmes in ECE  are meant to foster creativity, which leads to jobs as Embedded Systems, Designers of Integrated Circuits, Telecommunication Systems and Networks, Robotics Systems, and coders in the corporate sector.

In the discipline of Electronics and Communication Engineering, there are good prospects in terms of compensation. It is highly dependent on the individual’s depiction and skill. Also Read: What Is B Tech Correspondence? Is It Valid? – 2021 Guide

There is no doubt that electronics and communication engineering is a potential growth-driven area, and appropriate knowledge of the discipline, when combined with unique abilities, prepares a person for a wide range of entry-level positions. Some of the career opportunities for a BTech ECE graduate include:

Higher education is also available in several specialties such as VLSI, Microelectronics, and so on. Another advantage of EC is that the majority of software/IT businesses also employ from the EC area. Technology knows no bounds. It will continue to thrive. In this sector, there will always be a high score.

Here are some of the Job positions that one can get after pursuing BTech ECE in Lateral Entry: 

Electronics and Communication Engineer: Students in ECE could potentially explore the field of transmission systems communication, networking, and broadcast. This job aims largely at consolidating electronics, designing and ensuring the smooth execution of a communication network infrastructure.

System Control Engineer: The task of a system control engineer does not only involve the design but also testing of complex systems. That is one of the reasons for recruiting individuals as technical monitors, system control managers, and so on for that profile.

Electronic Engineer: Design and build systems that utilize electricity as a source of power using a scientific understanding of electronics. In addition, he is in charge of electronic system research and implementation.

CAD Engineer: CAD Engineers are in charge of managing licenses and EDA tools, and they must have excellent interpersonal skills. It is necessary to test the design and ensure that it functions properly.

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The students are given career guidance and counselling by Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. It also organizes industrial tours, seminars on various academic and practical areas, and guest lectures to help students with their career planning. These programmes will assist students in developing both soft and hard skills as part of their overall skill development.


⭐What is b tech Electronic and communication engineering lateral entry?

The Btech programme is for Diploma holders in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and admission is granted immediately in the second year.

⭐I had completed my diploma in Electronic and communication engineering, can I do my b tech in other states?

Yes, because Btech Lateral Entry is AICTE certified, you can study in any state in India.

⭐What are the options for a polytechnic Electronic and communication engineer diploma?

You may advance your career by pursuing Btech Lateral Entry after completing your polytechnic Electronic and Communication Engineer Diploma.

⭐What are the subjects in electronics engineering?

Some of the top Subjects are Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Embedded system, Control system, and others. 

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