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B Tech Lateral Entry (Automobile Engineering) Course, Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration – Guide 2024

Why B Tech Automobile through Lateral Entry Mode In 2024?

The subject of study Automotive engineering deals with the development, maintenance, and production of automobiles. In all these fields, the auto engineer handles and applies this know-how to the design and manufacture of automobiles because it is one of the primary automotive engineering disciplines.

Btech Lateral Entry in Automotive Engineering is an automotive engineering programme for individuals with a diploma. Lateral Enterprise in Automotive Engineering is a six-month, 3-year curriculum intended for auto engineering diplomas. This programme allows immediate entry to the programme in the 2nd year of the program because of the Diploma you hold. This course is for the students and working professionals who wish to upgrade their Diploma into a degree of BTech.

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BTech Mechanical Automobile Flexible Timing Lateral Entry

In this field, there are several additional programmes that the applicants study during the course of automobile engineering. Some include aerodynamics, electronics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, emissions of fuel, safety engineering, control systems, and management of the production of automobiles. The B Tech Lateral Entry curriculum combines ideas from fundamental science to technology with application in the lab and projects to help students develop problem-solving abilities while meeting industry standards. Students will gain expertise in the field of automotive engineering.

In the engineering sector, a B. Tech Automobile lateral entry degree is constantly in great demand. It has always been the first choice of engineering recruiters. Btech Automobile Lateral Entry is for applicants who wish to work in the field of automobile engineering.

With the addition of automobile vehicles to the future of automobile engineering, candidates who wish to test their ingenuity and scientific creativity will have even more opportunities. As a result, there is a lot of opportunities for young people to work in the automobile that is focusing on scientific advancements.

Key Highlights of B Tech Automobile Lateral Entry 

– The Program is designed for the students who have completed their Diploma in Mechanical & Automobile Engineering and are unable to pursue the regular BTech. 

– The B Tech course of Mechanical & Automobile Engineering is of 3 years and divided into 6 semesters. 

– Apart from the first of Regular BTech, the whole syllabus of theory and practical of BTech Lateral Entry is the same as for Regular one. 

– AICTE has approved the B Tech Lateral Entry Degree, so there is no issue with the validity of the degree. 

– The curriculum of B Tech Lateral Entry is specially fabricated for the working professionals and thus is industry updated and job-oriented.

B.Tech Lateral Entry Automobile Engineering Eligibility Criteria 

– Students who have a Diploma in Mechanical & Automobile after HighSchool can apply in the BTech Lateral Entry. 

– Diploma holders after Class 12th can apply to the BTech Automobile Lateral Entry Program. 

– Working Professionals who have done a Diploma and are currently employed can also apply to this lateral entry program. 

– There is no age limit to apply to the course.

Duration of B Tech Lateral Entry Automobile Engineering

The duration of the Lateral Entry program is 3 years. The whole Lateral entry program is divided into six semesters dedicating 6 months to each semester. Every semester has different subjects of theory and practical and also, the exams are conducted on a semester basis. 

On the basis of the Diploma, students are given admission directly into the second year. As you have done the Diploma in the same specialization, you must have covered all the basics that are taught in the first year of the BTech Curriculum. This 3- year program gives you a year extra time when compared to the regular BTech program. 

Lateral Entry Subject for BTech Automobile Engineering

The Lateral Entry in Automobile  Engineering Program, as previously stated, lasts three years. Subjects and learning from the first year of engineering are already included in the Diploma in Automobile Engineering. The curriculum and lateral entrance for the three-year Automobile engineering degree are listed here.

The curriculum and lateral entry courses in Automobile  engineering that a student will study over the course of three years are as follows:

Semester III
Semester IV
S. No. Subject Name S. NO. Subject Name
1 Math-III (Numerical Methods) 1 Applied thermodynamics
2 Manufacturing Processes 2 Strength Of Material
3 Fluid Mechanics 3 Fluid Mechanics & Machine
4 Engineering Mechanics 4 Kinematics of Machine
5 Thermodynamics 5 Applied Thermodynamic Lab
6 Engineering Economics & Industrial Management 6 Strength Of material- Lab
7 Manufacturing Processes Lab 7 Machine Drawing
8 Fluid Mechanics Lab
Semester V
Semester VI
S. No. Subject Name S. No. Subject Name
1 Dynamics Of Machine 1 Motor Vehicle Technology
2 Manufacturing Technology 2 Material Science
3 Heat Transfer 3 Design of Auto Components
4 Solid Mechanics 4 Elective – I
5 Design Of Machine Elements 5 Elective -II
6 Dynamics of Machine Lab 6 Elective – III
7 Manufacturing Technology Lab 7 Motor Vehicle Technology Lab
8 Heat Transfer Lab 8 Material Science Lab
9 Essence Of Indian Traditional Knowledge 9 Elective – I Lab
10 Elective – II Lab
Semester VII
Semester VIII
S. No. Subject Name S. No. Subject Name
1 Automotive Maintenance & Service 1 Online Mode (MOOC)
2 Automotive Electricals & control 2 Internship
3 Open Elective – (Humanities)
4 Elective – IV
5 Elective -V
6 Elective – III Lab
7 Service Training Center Lab
8 Project – I

B Tech Automobile Lateral Entry Career Aspects

The inclusion of automotive vehicles in the future of Automobile Engineering makes it even more appealing to aspirants who want to experiment with their innovation and scientific creativity. The automobile market, both in India and abroad, requires such individuals who can affect significant changes in this field’s future. Large investments are being made in this industry, and there is constant growth in the concept of making vehicles much more comfortable for people and working with cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of customers.

Automobile Engineering is certainly one of the most sought-after career disciplines among today’s youth. Every day’s progress in the car business necessitates the hiring of more young professionals who are excited about their jobs. Through campus placements offered by Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth students are subjected to interviews with prominent corporations. This opens up a plethora of options for those interested in pursuing a career in automobile engineering. Also Read: B Tech Lateral Entry (Computer Science Engineering) Course, Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration – Guide 2024.

AutomobileEngineers can find work in a large variety of private automotive firms. TATA, Suzuki, Toyota, Renault, Mahindra, and others are some of the leading businesses that employ a large number of automobile engineers.OEMs such as Krishna Maruti, Sharda Motors, Ginnie solution, Institute of Road Traffic Education, HKS Auto, TCS, Square Yards, Harrison Associates, Blue Sapphire, Newgen Software Technologies, Honeywell, A one Commercials, Eternity Industries Pvt Ltd., and others frequently visit the campus for placement purposes. Of course, these engineers have options in other sectors where they may find work.

Defense forces, space programmes, atomic energy, power plants, railways, research laboratories, software development, and information technology are just a few of these fields. To create concepts and produce designs, development, and manufacture of automobiles, use computer-aided design (CAD) programmes. To enhance fuel efficiency, make automobiles out of lighter materials like aluminum, magnesium alloy, or plastic. A student can pursue further education such as MTech and MBA after completing a Lateral Entry in Automobile Engineering.

Top Job Profiles after BTech Automobile Lateral Entry Engineering

In engineering and industry, BTech provides a wide range of possibilities to promote and enable occupations that offer a demanding environment and the chance to grow and thrive. Aspirants also can take on significant roles in management, individuals can work as managers and officers for domestic and international management, and can go on to positions like managers and production managers through the hierarchical stage.

Here are some of the top  job profiles after doing BTech in Automobile Lateral Entry Engineering:

Production Engineer: Production Engineers are in charge of developing fundamental procedures and processes, as well as testing and assembling numerous parts and components in preparation for final assessment and formation.

Manufacturing Engineer: Manufacturing engineers are professionals that create and design the layout, structure, and sections of various components and elements of automobile machinery, as well as maintaining safety standards to ensure optimal performance with no issues.

Development Engineers: Development engineers are in charge of providing the entire machine or automobile as requested by the dealer or manufacturer.

R&D executive: R&D or research and development executives prepare and propose designs and ideas related to new automobiles, machinery, tools, equipment, processes, and manufacturing techniques prior to actual implementation to devise a blueprint and contribute in the form of research to form a solid conclusion.

Development Engineers: Development engineers are in charge of providing the entire machine or automobile as requested by the dealer or manufacturer.

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⭐What is b tech Automobile engineering lateral entry?

The Btech programme is for holders of an automobile engineering diploma, and entry is granted immediately in the second year.

⭐What are the eligibility criteria of this course program?

The student must have done a diploma in Mechanical & Automobile Engineering to be eligible for the BTech in Automobile Engineering. 

⭐What does this degree programme entail? 

This course has a wide range of employment opportunities, including product engineers, production engineers, and development engineers, as well as instructors and administrative positions such as executive officers and managers.

⭐What is the admission process of this course?

To take admission in the Course, the student must be eligible and can directly apply on the website of Lingayas Vidyapeeth. 

Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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