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B Tech Lateral Entry Syllabus 2024-25 (Course-Wise PDF)

btech lateral entry syllabus

B.Tech in Lateral Entry is an undergraduate programme that students pursue when they are looking to make a career in the engineering domain. To be specific B Tech Lateral Entry is the course that fast forward your journey of becoming an engineer as the course of B Tech Lateral Entry is of 3 years only. 

 Candidates must have taken a Diploma in Engineering/Technology or a B.Sc. with Math at the 10+2 level from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% overall marks. The B.Tech Lateral Entry program allows individuals to gain a degree while also gaining experience that will help them succeed in their chosen industries. Candidates with a three-year diploma in engineering or an equivalent degree are eligible for direct admission to the second year of the program (3rd semester).

Thus making the four-year B Tech of three years. In this blog, we will be covering the Syllabus of all the main specializations that are in demand with the current market scenarios and explore them in detail but before that let’s have a look at the top specializations. Keep reading the blog so that you get a better idea about the specializations in detail:

Top B Tech Specializations for Lateral Entry Programs 

A B Tech degree will enable you to excel in a certain sector owing to the specialization you are pursuing. As you will have specialized learning there are fewer subjects to go through but a higher possibility for advancement in them. Because the perspective of the subjects to be completed in a professional route is clear, the possibility for achievement is higher.

B Tech specialties provide an expert grip of technical developments in this subject, in complement to the chance to learn foundational basics. B Tech Lateral Entry specialization is available in a variety of areas, including Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, and Mechanical Automobile Engineering.

These specialized courses are divided into semesters and encompass a broad variety of topics. Also, these courses are evergreen as they form the basics of every industry, so they won’t fade ever in this globalized market. With the B Tech lateral entry at Lingayas Vidyapeeth, covering all the contemporary technologies you will have the upper hand in the job domain when you graduate.

Let’s discuss in brief all the specializations in brief before we explore the syllabus in detail:

  • Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering is the main cog in the wheel when it comes to any industry which is in production. As we known machines drive production, mechanical engineering is the study of machines and various aspects of them. Mechanical engineering is the science of physics concepts in order to assess, maintain, develop, and create mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers work with a wide range of concepts in thermodynamics, energy, kinematics, and mechanics.
  • Civil Engineering: Construction & Infrastructural development cannot stop, neither the career of Civil Engineer. Civil Engineering: The BTech Civil Engineering degree exposes you to the design, planning, and implementation of roads and buildings. Transportation engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, maintenance, and structural rehabilitation are just a few of the sectors where Civil Engineers are required and are indispensable. 
  • Electronics Engineering: As we are getting into the world of Computers and Information Technology we can’t live without electronics. Nothing in this era of IT can be done without electronics engineering. This branch of engineering encompasses analogue transmission, basic electronics, microprocessors, solid-state devices, digital and analog communication, analogue integrated circuits, microwave engineering, satellite communication and every aspect that includes semiconductors. 
  • Computer Science Engineering: In this era of Digital dependence, everything is on Computers. Thus, Computer Science is the most pursued branch and fastest growing industry. Algorithms, computers, programming languages, programme design, computer hardware, and computer software are all topics covered in a B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering degree. It is a comprehensive examination of computer systems and applications.
  • Automobile Engineering: Automobile engineering is the area of engineering that deals with the design, production, technical systems, and operation of automobiles. It also serves as an introduction to engineering, which includes topics such as vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and buses.

Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering

 BTech Mechanical Lateral Entry Flexible Timing to offer a complete understanding of machines, courses are divided into six semesters over three years. Mechanical Engineering courses are meant to examine the design, development, research, building, and testing of any equipment. Mechanical engineering uses applied physics, mathematics, and material science ideas to design, analyse, build, and maintain mechanical systems.

Semester III Semester IV
Subject Name Subject Name
Math-III (Numerical Methods) Applied thermodynamics
Manufacturing Processes Strength Of Material
Engineering Mechanics fluid Mechanics & Machine
Thermodynamics Kinematics of Machine
Fluid Mechanics Applied Thermodynamic Lab
Engineering Economics & Industrial Management Strength Of material- Lab
Manufacturing Process Lab Machine Drawing
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Semester V Semester VI
Subject Name Subject Name
Dynamics of Machine Automation In Manufacturing
Manufacturing Technology Mechanical Vibrations
Heat Transfer Open Elective- (Humanities)
Solid Mechanics Elective – IV
Design of Machine Elements Elective – III Lab
Dynamics of Machine Lab Project – I
Manufacturing Technology Lab
Heat Transfer Lab
Semester VII Semester VIII
Subject Name Subject Name
Automation In Manufacturing Online Mode (MOOC)
Mechanical Vibrations Internship
Open Elective- (Humanities)
Elective – IV
Elective – III Lab
Project – I

Computer Science Engineering

BTech Computer Science Lateral Entry Flexible Timing is the study of algorithms, computation, programming languages, programme design, computer hardware, computer software, etc. Computer Science Lateral Entry is a 3-year program that can only be pursued after completing the diploma. And it is also for working professionals who are just diploma holders.

Semester III Semester IV
Subject Name Subject Name
Data Structures & Algorithms Operating Systems
Discrete Mathematical Structures computer Architecture & organization
Object Oriented Programming Database Management System
Digital Electronics Java Programming
Mathematics-III Design & Analysis of Algorithms
Engineering Economics & Industrial Management Operating Systems Lab
Data Structures & Algorithms Lab Database Management System Lab
Object Oriented Programming Lab Java Programming Lab
Digital electronics Lab Digital electronics Lab
Semester V Semester VI
Subject Name Subject Name
Microprocessors & Microcontroller Soft Computing Techniques
Computer Network Data Mining & Predictive Modeling
Artificial Intelligence Elective – I
Python Programming Elective – 2
Software Engineering Elective – 3
Formal Language & Automata Theory Introduction to Machine Learning
Microprocessors & Microcontroller Lab Soft Computing Lab
Artificial Intelligence Lab Data Mining Lab
Software Engineering Lab Machine Learning Lab
Python Programming Lab Minor Project – I
Semester VII Semester VIII
Subject Name Subject Name
Deep Learning MOOC Course Swayam – I
Open Elective – I Internship
Elective – IV
Elective – V
Elective – VI
Elective – IV Lab
Deep Learning Lab
Elective – V Lab
Major Project

Electronics Engineering 

All semiconductors, such as transistors, sensors, and microcontrollers, are analyzed, designed, manufactured, and tested. The Electronics Engineer’s main concentration is on the examination of digital and analog devices. ECE engineering is the department that designs, analyses, and maintains electronics and communication systems using applied physics.

The BTech ECE Lateral Entry Flexible Timing lasts three years. Subjects and learning from the first year of engineering are already included in the Diploma in ECE Engineering. The three-year ECE engineering program’s curriculum and lateral entrance are listed here.

Semester III Semester IV
Subject Name Subject Name
Electronics Devices Analog & Digital Communication
Digital Electronics Analog electronics Circuits
Data Structure & Algorithms Database Management System
Mathematics – III Computer Architecture & Organization
Engineering Economics & Management Signals and Systems
Electronics devises Lab digital System Design
Digital Electronics Lab Analog & digital communication Lab
Data Structure Algorithms Lab                  Analog electronics Circuits Lab
Digital System Design Lab
Database Management System Lab
Electronics Workshop – I
Semester V Semester VI
Subject Name Subject Name
Microprocessors & Controller Control System
Network Theory Probability Theory and Stochastic Process
Digital Signal Processing Embedded System Design
Electromagnetic Waves Broad Bank Network
Antenna & Propagation Fiber Optical Communication
Computer Network Wireless & Cellular System
Microprocessors & Computer Lab Control System Lab
Network Theory Lab Electronics Measurement Lab
Digital Processing Lab Embedded System Design
Minor Project
Semester VII Semester VIII
Subject Name Subject Name
Electronic System Design MOOC Course Swayam – I
Cloud Computing Wireless Sensor Network
Embedded Control System Internship & Dissertation
Satellite Communication
System Modelling & Design
Human Resource Management
Major Project

Civil Engineering

The BTech Civil Lateral Entry Flexible Timing lasts three years and is divided into six semesters. It has a comprehensive curriculum with a wide range of courses divided into semesters. In the six semesters, all of the subjects are covered. Civil engineering design courses help to develop, analyze, and produce techniques and structures. These design courses at the B.Tech level can help students who are serious about pursuing a career as a Civil Engineer.

Semester III Semester IV
Subject Name Subject Name
Mathematics – III (Numerical Methods) Soil Mechanics & Engineering Geology
Fluid Mechanics Disaster Preparedness & Planning
Engineering Mechanics Strength of Materials
Building Materials & construction Surveying & Geomatics
Engineering Economics & Management Environmental engineering
Computer Aided Civil Engineering Drawing Soil Mechanics & Engineering Geology Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab Strength of Materials Lab
Semester V Semester VI
Subject Name Subject Name
Concrete Technology Specification Estimation & Costing
Geotechnical Engineering Structural Analysis – I
Hydrology & Water Resource Engineering Design of Steel Structures
Highway Engineering Open Channel Flow
Design of Concrete Structures Construction Project Management
Concrete Technology Lab Building Drawing Lab
Geotechnical Engineering Lab Structural Analysis – I Lab
Hydraulic Engineering Lab Major Project – I
Highway Engineering Lab
Semester VII Semester VIII
Subject Name Subject Name
Metro System & Engineering MOOC
Structural Analysis – II Internship
Railway Engineering
Waste Water Engineering
Irrigation Engineering
Open Elective
Major Project – II

Automobile Engineering

The B.Tech Automobile Lateral Entry Flexible Timing is for three years. The whole Lateral Entry curriculum is divided into six semesters, each lasting six months. Every semester contains a separate set of theoretical and practical courses, as well as tests that are held on a semester-by-semester basis. Because it is one of the major automotive engineering disciplines, the auto engineer manages and applies this know-how to the design and production of vehicles in all of these fields.

Semester III Semester IV
Subject Name Subject Name
Math-III (Numerical Methods) Applied thermodynamics
Manufacturing Processes Strength Of Material
Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics & Machine
Engineering Mechanics Kinematics of Machine
Thermodynamics Applied Thermodynamic Lab
Engineering Economics & Industrial Management Strength Of material- Lab
Manufacturing Processes Lab Machine Drawing
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Semester V Semester VI
Subject Name Subject Name
Dynamics Of Machine Motor Vehicle Technology
Manufacturing Technology Material Science
Heat Transfer Design of Auto Components
Solid Mechanics Elective – I
Design Of Machine Elements Elective -II
Dynamics of Machine Lab Elective – III
Manufacturing Technology Lab Motor Vehicle Technology Lab
Heat Transfer Lab Material Science Lab
Essence Of Indian Traditional Knowledge Elective – I Lab
Elective – II Lab
Semester VII Semester VIII
Subject Name Subject Name
Automotive Maintenance & Service Online Mode (MOOC)
Automotive Electricals & control Internship
Open Elective – (Humanities)
Elective – IV
Elective -V
Elective – III Lab
Service Training Center Lab
Project – I


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⭐What is lateral entry to B Tech?

Students who have earned a 3-year Diploma in Engineering, B.Sc. degree, or equivalent examination with at least 50% marks can apply for admission and get a B. Tech. degree in just three years through the Lateral Entry Program.

⭐How can I get admission in B Tech lateral entry?

If you meet the requirements of the B Tech lateral Entry, you can directly apply at the official website and then our admission team will aid you in further process. 

⭐Is lateral entry-degree valid?

Of course, a lateral entry degree is considerably more valuable for employment if it is recognised and accredited by the AICTE.

⭐What is the difference between B Tech and B tech lateral?

Bachelor of Technology is a 4-year undergraduate engineering degree in any of the streams but B Tech Lateral Entry is the three year course which allows Diploma holders to finish the course earlier than the regular one. 

Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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