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List of M.Tech Colleges in India – Full Guide 2024

What are the best known universities for M.Tech in Delhi NCR?

Although there are many M.Tech universities in Delhi NCR, Lingayas Vidyapeeth stands out as one of the best. Lingayas is a well-known university that was founded in 2009. It is located in Faridabad, Haryana, and provides a diverse choice of courses and alternatives across the board.

Top Specializations of M.Tech Program for Working Professionals
M.Tech In Civil Flexible Timing Programme M.Tech In Mechanical Flexible Timing Programme
M.Tech In CSE Flexible Timing Programme M.Tech In ECE Flexible Timing Programme

When it comes to M.Tech, Lingayas offers a wide range of specializations. Lingayas offers regular M.Tech courses designed specifically for working professionals. The UGC and NAAC have recognized and authorized the university, therefore a degree earned here will be highly valued in the market.

Masters in Technology (M.Tech)

M.Tech that is Master’s of Technology is degree in postgraduate which covers the field of science and engineering. The students with a keen interest in the field of research and technology are the ones who often go up for a higher level qualification in this area. The course has a lot of specialisations such as Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and so on.

The course is structured for students who have an inclination developed towards science and technology. Graduates of any engineering field’s B.Tech program are best suited to pursue master’s degrees in that field or elsewhere.

Lingaya’s is one very good university that offers courses in many specializations along with a highly equipped infrastructure and faculty. Thus, the course is highly suitable for students with such interests and a lot of renowned universities offer it.

Syllabus of M.Tech

The course’s syllabus differs depending on the specialization chosen. However, the M.Tech programme is structured as follows:

Semester I Semester II
Computer Networks Computer Architecture
Advanced Operating System Advanced Cloud Computing
Database Management System Algorithms and Data Structure
Advanced Networking System Open Elective I
Semester III Semester IV
Information Security Open Elective III
Open Elective II Project and Viva
Advanced Computer Programming Embedded Systems
Project Internship 

Eligibility Criteria of M.Tech

While applying for M.Tech, students must keep in mind a few conditions that must be met.

Take a look at the following criteria:

  • Regardless of the domain, they choose to apply for, students must have a bachelor’s degree in the corresponding domain, which is B.Tech.
  • To apply for a master’s degree at a reputable college, students must have a minimum percentile of 55 percent. (For instance, Lingaya’s)

Course Duration of M.Tech

M.Tech i.e. A Master’s in Technology is a two-year postgraduate degree in technology. Following the completion of the B.Tech. A student can pursue M.Tech, which is a four-year program with a range of engineering courses. In two years, you will have a decent job.

There is no distance learning option for a similar course. M.Tech distance education is not available, and it is the only course that is not considered valuable in distance education. Regular M.Tech from a recognized university will be valued highly and given significant weight. Also Find: What Is the Course Duration of M.Tech?

As a result, students should be aware before applying that the university that offers M.Tech is well-known and has been approved and accredited with an A grade by the UGC and NAAC. A thorough investigation would assist students in determining which option is best for them. 

Things to remember while Choosing a University

While pursuing such a prestigious education in science and technology, one should also be aware of the top university that offers it. It is critical for pupils to understand what they are about to enter. Not only that, but students must remember the section where they conduct extensive research about the subject and the university to which they wish to apply. 

A reputable university will always assist you in establishing a better career path for yourself. If you have a degree from a UGC and NAAC recognized university, you will have a far better chance of being put in better positions. These well-known colleges also provide a wide range of other services. Before applying to any college, students should keep a few things in mind.

Here are some pointers we’ve put up for the students:

  1. Recognition- As previously stated, the institution must be recognized internationally by bodies such as the UGC, NAAC, and AICTE.
  2. Placement Cell and Reviews – Students should constantly read everything they can about the college’s placement cell. Furthermore, the reviews of graduates are extremely useful in this research. If you make it there, you’ll find out where you’ll be assigned.
  3. Infrastructure and Faculty – The university’s infrastructure also speaks a lot about it. Students benefit from good infrastructure and faculty because they can learn in a pleasant environment. Maintain extensive research in this area as well.
  4. Student Fee Structure – Students should be known for their financial soundness at all times. Keep an eye out to see if the university accepts your offer. When it comes to selecting the right institution for you, the cost structure is really important.

Working Professionals Also Search

Coming to a close

When it comes to selecting the ideal institution for you, it might be overwhelming. However, we hope that we were able to provide you with the greatest assistance possible in determining what is best for you. One should always remember that clearing one’s mind about what they want to do with their lives will lead to a successful life.

Choosing the finest college for oneself isn’t a difficult undertaking if the necessary study and considerations are provided. As a result, we hope you make the greatest decision for yourself and end up with the ideal job. Also Read: Which Open University Is Best for M Tech?


Lingayas Vidyapeeth

The Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has been accredited by NAAC and offers UGC, AICTE approved B tech, to working professionals and diploma and m tech for working professionals through its special weekend classes.

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