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M.Tech or Online MBA after B.Tech, Which is better?


M.Tech or online MBA after a B.Tech degree has been a debatable topic ever since. M.Tech takes you to explore your engineering basics with in-depth knowledge in a particular specialization. On the other hand, an online MBA takes you to a completely different pathway of management and business studies. 

Young graduates or the ones who are in their final year are puzzled whether to continue their trade or to switch to management. This is an extremely important decision for these youngsters as it affects the entire career that is ahead of them. 

If you are also confused about the same, then this blog is for you as we will be making a detailed comparison between the two career options so that you can easily make a judicious as well as an informed decision for your future. 

M.Tech Vs Online MBA after B.Tech Table of Comparison

Criteria  M.Tech  Online MBA 
Eligibility  B.Tech/B.E/B.S/B.Arch Graduation (minimum 3 years) from any stream. 
Study Modes  Regular (for working professionals) Regular, Online, Distance, Part-time, Executive (for working professionals)
Course Duration 2 years 2 years
Important Entrance Exam GATE CAT (Optional)
Top Specialisations 
  • General Management 
  • Business Administration
  • Finance 
  • Marketing 
  • Human Resource 
  • Operations 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chain 
  • Retail 
  • Information Technology/Systems 
  • International Business Management 

I’m sure you must be still confused and curious how the above mentioned points make a difference. Hence, let us now discuss them in detail and know the pros and cons as well.   

Why M.Tech After B.Tech?

When you study the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) program, you study the overall basics of the specialisation you choose. For example, if you pursue B.Tech in Civil engineering, then you study the basics of all of the sub-topics like engineering structures, water resource engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, offshore structures, and many others. 

However, when you pursue the MTech Flexible course, you will be studying one or a combination of 2 or 3 of these sub-topics in great detail. 

M.Tech hones your skills in a particular area and makes you a master in that particular domain. Surely B.Tech gets you a job in the same domain as you would get after an M.Tech but the benefit of M.Tech is that you get a much higher position in comparison to what you get after B.Tech. You are not just a team member but a team leader. Why? Because your skills and knowledge in your particular niche is more than the others giving you an edge over them. 

If you have enjoyed your graduation in engineering and have interest in it, then M.Tech for working professionals is a great option for you. An M.Tech opens doors to a multitude of opportunities as it is a prosperous course and holds great importance. It is a completely absurd myth that M.Tech is equivalent to B.Tech. Yes, most technical jobs require B.Tech as the minimum requirement, however the preference is always given to an M.Tech candidate and for all the right reasons. Why else do you think so many B.Tech graduates in the country are still unemployed?

M.Tech not only gives you preference but also higher packages and higher designations. This is because M.Tech enhances your skill set in a particular domain and frankly anybody and everybody wants the best and most skilled employees for their organisations. M.Tech is considered as a secure option as there are various job roles that M.Tech offers. Unlike online mba, you can venture into various private and public sectors. You even have the option of teaching if you decide to continue studying and pursue a PhD.    

M.Tech or Online MBA: Which is better? 

Master of Business Administration (online MBA) is a degree that you pursue after doing your graduation in any stream. By doing an online MBA after B.Tech students are changing streams they are going from science and technology to business and management. In today’s era only doing B.Tech is not sufficient . Today most of the jobs require more skills and many more years of experience. It gives a broader aspect to the students for pursuing the degree. The students who take engineering as a career  think that they have taken the maximum advantage of their technical skills and hinder  their career growth.

Today doing online mba has become  a career prospect for career upliftment but the students do not  realise that the decision of choosing online mba is not correct. There are several reasons that students should not change their career whereas they should pursue their higher studies in that field. 

In the long term it will be helpful. Students should  pursue an degree rather than choose online mba. The problems which arise after changing fields from technical to managerial  leaves many students with certain problems as they lack skills.  Continuing with the same field helps students to flourish their skills and get a good job opportunity.

M.Tech is a good career choice after completing B. Tech for the students who want to enhance their knowledge in the subject. M. Tech is a  specialised course in which students can enhance their technical skills. In today’s time the market needs experts in the subject.M. Tech provides in – depth technical knowledge than online mba.

The managerial positions after doing online mba are fascinating but the post has less competition  whereas an M.Tech student with good technical knowledge has more demand in the market. The benefit of pursuing after B.Tech is the good stipend  facility provided to the M.Tech graduates under certain eligibility criteria whereas there is no stipend  facility for online mba courses in India. 

There are advantages of pursuing M.Tech as students get a greater scope to pursue a doctoral degree which leads students to get to top- reputed positions in universities and colleges  across the world. PhD graduates have a good scope to hold research positions in various organisations. Payscale provided for such positions are highly paid.  

Career Prospects

The students pursuing M. Tech after completing B. Tech have great career scope. It gives you good job opportunities in many reputed industries in the country. The main decision of pursuing M. Tech after B. Tech depends on several factors and career oriented goals of students. The  reasons to pursue a M. Tech degree after B. Tech are 

  1. To pursue a Masters degree makes the student get a complete and full knowledge about the interested stream .
  2. Some of the known companies have set a employment qualification that is a Master’s degree that helps them to be employed in top IT companies.

 Several multinational companies choose candidates having an M.Tech degree for the jobs.

  1. To pursue a M. Tech after completing a B. Tech degree gives the student an opportunity to get hired by the top known companies and get a handsome salary.
  2. The students can choose to be a PhD or research scholar after completing a degree in M. Tech.
  3. The students after doing M.Tech can also apply for the jobs of Professor in many renowned Engineering institutes.

The students who prefer to pursue M. Tech after completing B. Tech has a lot of career and job opportunities in some renowned companies in the country. The job opportunities in which students can pursue after completing M. Tech with good salary packages are Project  Manager, Senior Engineer, Construction Manager, Development Engineer, Research Associate, Machinery Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Software Developer, Researcher etc.

Big Recruiters

The top companies prefer students for high profile post as they think that M.Tech students are more eligible for the profile.

  1. Tata Motors
  2. Tata Steel
  3. L & T
  4. GE
  5. Microsoft
  6. Google

Salary Package

The average salary of a student after pursuing a M.Tech degree totally depends on the type of organisation , the expertise and the experience of the candidate. The average starting salary of a student having M.Tech degree is 40K to 50K per month.

The average salary package for different job options after pursuing a degree in M.Tech is

  • Project Manager -3 to 18 LPA
  • Machinery Engineer – 3.6 to 15 LPA
  • Senior Engineer – 3 to 12 LPA
  • Maintenance Manager – 3 to 10.8 LPA
  • Software Developer – 3 to 9 LPA

The students who pursue M.Tech get a handsome amount of salary package after doing the course.

Whereas the salary package of students after doing online mba is not upto the mark

as only the meritorious students get hired by the big companies at a good salary package whereas the average student doesn’t  get a good salary package. The maximum salary package offered to the average student as a salary package is between 10L to 12L.


For making the right career decision it is important that we make the right career choices. The better career option for students who want to pursue a degree after B.Tech is pursuing an M. Tech degree. It opens a great career opportunity in private as well as government sectors with a high salary package. The student can pursue a PhD from the university or from abroad . So the career is set for the students who are pursuing an M. tech degree  whereas approaching for any other career opportunity. 

M.Tech Vs Online MBA FAQs

⭐What is the maximum salary of an holder?

The maximum salary for a fresh graduate per month in India is  Rs. 39 lakh whereas the minimum salary is Rs 15 lakh.

⭐What can a student pursue further after completing Masters of Technology or M. Tech?

After completing Masters of Technology or M. Tech students can pursue a PhD degree and become a research scholars. They can also opt for teaching as a profession and can join engineering colleges as a professor. Students can also start their careers as an entrepreneur.

⭐Is M.Tech after B. Tech a good choice?

Yes, of course doing M.Tech after completing a B. Tech is the right decision made by students who want to increase their creativity and work more on their technical skills. It also provides great career opportunities.

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