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What is M Tech In Structural Engineering Course – Full Guide

What is Structural Engineering?

Just like Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering also comes with the study of building structures and bases of public and man-made objects. Structural Engineers are known to have a skill wherein they build the muscles of the things made by a human being by giving them shapes and sizes. The course is highly related to the Civil Engineering course as well and offers a really bright career to the students.

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It is necessary for students to have a sense of calculating stability and strength when it comes to Structural Engineering. Further in the blog, we’ll learn more about the whole course of Structural Engineering and we will make sure we provide you with all the necessary information that you need. Read also: What Is M Tech Civil Engineering?

Structural Engineering in M.Tech

Structural engineering is a course very much related to the course of Civil Engineering. The course is also about the building and maintenance of public properties. Students who pursue this course are highly likely to have a profound interest in the field of designing and development. The course is a specialization in the field of M.Tech and can be obtained by students who have graduated in B.Tech. 

As the course is related to Civil Engineering, it revolves around structuring and designing as well. The course has a wide scope in the industry and offers a really nice package for the ones who evolve in this field. The course will let you explore a lot in the field and more importantly, about you as well. There are many universities that offer the course and have amazing placement cells too. 

Lingayas Vidyapeeth is a well-known institution that was established in 2009. The university is located in Faridabad, Haryana, and is considered one of the best in the Delhi NCR. The UGC and NAAC have accepted and accredited Lingayas Vidyapeeth with an A grade. The AICTE has also given its approval to the university’s courses.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for M.Tech Structural Engineering?

Every graduate must meet specific eligibility standards in order to be considered for admission to the discipline of Structural Engineering. Every person’s requirements are rather basic and can be readily addressed.

Let’s take a look at the requirements for obtaining an M.Tech in Structural Engineering:

  • The candidate must be a graduate of a recognized and renowned university with a B.Tech in any specific domain or equivalent.
  • To be qualified for the course, the candidate must have a minimum percentile of 50% in their bachelor’s degree.

What is the Fee Structure for M.Tech in Structural Engineering?

M.Tech. is a practical degree that can be pursued by anyone. Because the course is not offered in a distance learning format, we will provide you with an estimate of the fees that must be paid in order to obtain an M.Tech Structural Engineering degree.

When an individual wants to complete an M.Tech in Structural Engineering, the approximate fee structure is INR 50, 000 to INR 4, 50, 000. Depending on whatever university one chooses, the cost structure varies between the amounts mentioned.

On the other hand, if we consider the greatest institution in Delhi NCR, Lingayas Vidyapeeth, this university also offers Structural Engineering, and at a very affordable price. At Lingayas the fee structure for Structural Engineering in M.Tech is INR 84, 500 per year. 

What is the Syllabus for M.Tech in Structural Engineering?

The syllabus for M.Tech in Structural Engineering works like the following:

Semester I Semester II
Structural Dynamics RCC Bridge Design
Advanced and Structural Analysis Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity
Advanced Design and Steel Structures Advance Concrete Technology
Advanced RCC Design Environment Health and Safety
Advanced Mathematics Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures
Green Building Methodology Structural Engineering Lab
Computer-Aided Sad Advanced Design Lab
Semester III Semester IV
Seminar Seminar
Dissertation-1 Dissertation-2

What are Salary Structures after the completion of M.Tech in Structural Engineering?

Structural Engineering is, without a doubt, a highly successful course, particularly at the master’s level. Structure engineers are well compensated and have a promising future. Freshmen in Structural Engineering M.Tech start with a salary of around 3 lakhs per year. However, as one’s knowledge of their field expands, the package becomes more expensive. The package has the potential to easily increase to 6-7 lakhs per annum at an early stage. As a result, if one devotes enough time and effort to a certain field, one can progress rapidly. Also Find: What Is the Salary After M Tech?

Is the course available for Working Professionals? 

M.Tech is one such course that does not apply to distance learning, which poses a problem for graduates who want to work while studying. They need not be concerned, however, because some of the most prestigious universities have developed a course specifically for working professionals called M.Tech for Working Professionals. Lingayas Vidyapeeth is one of the best universities in Delhi NCR, offering M.Tech for Working Professionals at an affordable price.

Lingayas Vidyapeeth’s M.Tech for Working Professionals program is known for its excellent faculty and facilities. Enrolling in Lingayas seems like a good idea if a student only wants to study in Delhi. Aside from that, the university provides a diverse selection of disciplines and fields from which to pick. Lingayas offers a diverse choice of courses and specializations, resulting in a diverse course curriculum. As a result, Lingayas is an excellent choice for M.Tech students in the Delhi NCR area.

Is the Working Professionals degree Valid?

Yes. If the degree is from a well-known and renowned university, it is valued the same as any other conventional degree. While juggling their busy schedules, working people can get a higher degree. A degree for working professionals is highly regarded in the market, especially if it comes from a globally renowned university. 

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Winding Up

Finally, we’d want to provide some advice to anyone still looking for the proper stream for them: focus on a specific path and passion. Jobs requiring an M.Tech are almost always successful, and even if they aren’t right away, an individual can expect to progress steadily in the field. We’re here to make your journey a little easier by guiding you to the greatest and most appropriate stream.

You’ll be well on your way to settling in if you make sure you’re comfortable with whichever course you choose. Once you’ve decided what you want to do with your life, no one will be able to stop you. As a result, it’s vital to be certain and well-informed about what one wishes to undertake. It is not easy to achieve success. Success is not a one day process, it takes hard work and smart work as well. And once you get to both sides of the corner, it will be easier to get higher.


Lingayas Vidyapeeth

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